1982323_10152040216697672_583400023_nAFWorks aka Andrew Fisher is an award winning scriptwriter, photographer and educator who has built up a social and professional network over the last 25 years within the media, education and IT industries.

A graduate in Management & Infomatics from the University of Wales, Andrew worked in local radio for 9 years as presenter, producer, and as an award winning scriptwriter.

As a video director Andrew has created works such as “Bosnia – A Forgotten War” – an audio visual journey charting the demise of the former Yugoslavia into the turmoil and destruction of war through to the new age of peace.


Most recently he has worked on a commission to produce a series of golf tutorial DVDs. Speaking of golf his keen eye for detail and being able to illustrate words and emotions was commended by the Golf Union of Wales, on the production of  the brochure used by Glyn Abbey Golf Club as their successful application for Welsh Golf Club of the Year 2009.

In 2013 Andrew was shortlisted in the Welsh Tutor of the Year Awards and received the honour of Carmarthenshire Tutor of the Year.


“Thank you so much for my wonderful photo’s, You have captured my families personalities with your cool, laid back yet enthusiastic approach. I just love the way you shoot in a relaxed way. you make taking pictures of kids and dogs look so easy, when I know it’s nearly impossible! I think the one with my arm in Jacks mouth and Maria in fits of laughter shows that, your pictures will give me a lifetime of memories and for that i am truly grateful.” – Amanda

“A thoughtful and sensitive social documentary portrait. The photographer is to be commended for his sympathetic handling of a difficult subject.”- RKD Photographic

“really enjoyed last nights lesson, looking forward to the rest of the course. I know I will learn a shed load of good stuff !”- Mike, Cydweli

“Love this. Very dark and mysterious! ” – Becca Social Scientist

“thank you mate … that means so much coming from you … your a wonderful teacher .. total respect”.- Chris M Sports Photographer

“oh how beautiful, A.F works you have captured something very beautiful, a young mother with complete adulation for her young baby.” – Amanda T