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Travels with my camera…Tenby

“Be grateful for the things and people you have in your life. Things you take for granted someone else is praying for” Marlan Rico Lee When you live on an island you crave the openness of the plain. When you live in-land you crave the sea. Does it therefore mean if you live in paradise Read More


Recently I had the envious task of spending some time doing what comes so naturally to me – enjoying my work. I am blessed to know so many talented people who make my job a labour of love and never a chore. Take Mike Davies for example. Director of Golf at Glyn Abbey Golf Club Read More

Travels with my Camera…Flamenco Por Favor?

Every country & culture has one, every tourist destination promotes it, & if its your culture, then you probably cringe at the prospect. I talking about that institutionalised cultural must – folk-dancing. I always used to think dansio-y-werein (folk dancing) promoted the stereo type of how Welsh people lived – well – how certain neighbours Read More

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