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Recently I had the envious task of spending some time doing what comes so naturally to me – enjoying my work. I am blessed to know so many talented people who make my job a labour of love and never a chore. Take Mike Davies for example. Director of Golf at Glyn Abbey Golf Club

Travels with my Camera…Flamenco Por Favor?

Every country & culture has one, every tourist destination promotes it, & if its your culture, then you probably cringe at the prospect. I talking about that institutionalised cultural must – folk-dancing. I always used to think dansio-y-werein (folk dancing) promoted the stereo type of how Welsh people lived – well – how certain neighbours

Travels with my Camera…Andalusia

As child I never quite saw the benefit or enjoyment in a long slow car journey to some sparsely populated beauty spot in order to see ‘the view’ as my parents would say. I was only interested in three things, where can I play, what’s in the picnic basket, & what time are we going

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